Saturday, July 19, 2014

Well if you ask me to list down few hardest things I’ve done in my life, believe me writing this short auto bio, will definitely be among the top five....

So for a start up, I’m Fathima Nuzla Ismail, Having seen through my lovely teen years last April, now I’m up for the challenges posted by my early twenties. Well just to look back, Did my Advanced level back in 2011 in the math stream at Sri lanka’s best school (he he) Methodist college Colombo, My fate wasn’t too different to most of the others. having got a result which could be called better than the average, it wasn’t enough to go towards my long term aspiration of becoming an Engineer…..Given the options of studying abroad and a long list of private unis, My passion towards technology and innovation tipped where I then re wrote my ambitions of being a civil engineer to becoming a software engineer…And it is how I landed at APIIT to follow Software Engineering...Quite un usual for a girl isn’t it…Oh trust me, Its then I realized the meaning of “Men are from mars and women are from Venus”. On my first day of uni, the lecture hall wasn’t much different to boys school. Surrounded by guys it was my self and few other girls…The Challenge of my new venture hit its peak….Quite determined I was, I didn’t shy away from them, instead welcomed them, where I started doing CIMA to help my credentials

And enough of History, Looking back at things, quite happy how things unfolded and how I've stood up to them like brave WOMAN….The year so far has made me run around, and at times It has made me wonder who runs faster, Usain Bolt or is it myself ….I was granted the opportunity to read a degree in physical science and I never thought twice in taking it up because of the craze I had towards Mathematics and playing around with numbers…Reading for two degrees at the same time, quite a challenge but the greener pasture which is at the end of journey keeps me up and going…

Having working from the scratch in the field of IT, have helped myself quite a distance…Now I’m an accredited Microsoft Student Champ Buddy, which is the stepping stone to become a Future Student Ambassador…looking forward for it (fingers crossed)…..

Oh, this short description of me wouldn't be complete if I don’t tell you about the Motorola Project. Motorola project is organized by the SLASSCOM and sponsored by Motorola...(Stating the obvious)...Team working?? Talk about it.. This help me learn all the theory I've learnt in CIMA regarding a team.. FORMING, STORMING, NORMING and PERFORMING. Our team of four, having been selected from the initial screening of proposal are now working tirelessly to successfully complete our project..

Well that’s all what I could think of myself from top of my head…And yeah trust me Auto Biographies, god bless anyone trying to do that :)